Lumecca-I Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment

What is Lumecca-I?

Lumecca stands out as the most potent intense pulsed light (IPL) system crafted for the treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions. Lumecca-I employs photothermolysis, offering a comfortable light treatment for a comprehensive photofacial experience. With over 15 years of FDA approval, IPL has been a trusted method for the removal of superficial skin lesions.

How does it work?

Lumecca-I generates tissue heating to alleviate inflammation. Throughout the procedure, you may experience a bright flash of light and a sensation on your skin akin to a gentle snap from an elastic band. It's normal to observe temporary redness and a mild warming of the skin post-treatment and these symptoms typically resolving within an hour.

How can Lumecca-I help my dry eye?

  • Targets inflammation of the eyelids that can cause dry eye.

  • Uses flashes of light to penetrate the deep tissue and selectively target and seal fine blood vessels that may be contributing to inflammation.

  • Targets pigmented lesions and rosacea.

  • Help to re-activate the mitochondria in your meibomian glands to encourage more oil production.

  • Kills bacteria and Demodex on the skin that cause eyelid inflammation.

  • Suitable for skin times I through IV.

How many treatments are needed?

While Lumecca-I is an excellent treatment to improve your dry eye symptoms, it is not a cure. Treatments usually includes 4 sessions one treatment every 2-3 weeks for the maximum benefit. Treatments are recommended twice a year to help prevent regrowth of blood vessels and to maintain effective tear production.

Schedule your consultation online if you have been diagnosed with meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis, or have dry eye symptoms.

​​​​​​​Patient Review

I have experienced tremendous relief and noticed a significant improvement. This has given me a new lease on life

- Alexandria | Patient

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