What is Mgd?

Every time you blink, a protective layer of moisture called thetear film coats the front surface of your eye. An essential part of the tear film is an oily layer called meibum. MGD occurs when the meibomian glands that produce meibum get blocked or the secreted meibum is of poor quality and the aqueous part of the tears evaporate, as there is no oily layer to protect them.

Diagnosing Mgd

If you regularly use drops, have symptoms such as eye dryness and irritation, ask your doctor to evaluate your symptoms. Your eyelids will be compressed to assess the level and quality of meibum that is expressed. If healthy, the meibum is clear and adequate. The more severe the blockage, the thicker and cloudier the meibum.

Ilux Mgd Treatment System:


With your eye doctor by your side every step of the way, the iLUX MGD Treatment System incorporates the innovative Smart Tip Patient Interface to deliver treatment directly to the blocked meibomian glands. Provide real-time feedback as the doctor administers therapeutic heat and then expresses the oil. Now that the glands are unblocked, it will be easier for the oil to be released naturally.


The iLUX device was shown to significantly reduce dry eye symptoms such as gritty eyes and irritation.

In a clinical study, patients’ meibomian gland scores were three times better at two weeks post-treatment and four times better at four weeks, compared to baseline.

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