Prescription Eye Glasses

Finding the correct prescription is not the only reason why our eyeglasses are successful fits.  The Optic Gallery on Fort Apache offers a wide variety of prescription lenses to fit your prescription needs including Digital Progressive Lenses ( No-Line Multifocals), Polarized Lenses, Hi-Index Lenses (Thinner and Lighter lenses), Transitions Lenses (Lenses that darken outdoors), and many more.

Digital progressive lenses is a lens technology that uses specific applications (Rx, frame type, lens material, use, etc)  to produce a lens with wider fields of view and smoother vision.   Digital lenses provide a crisper, clearer image while providing the widest field of vision available in progressive lens designs.

Polarized lenses are transparent pieces of material that block certain types of light waves. This lens enhances the quality of your vision by decreasing brightness and glare.

High index lenses, also known as ultra thin and lite lenses prescribed for patients with higher prescriptions.

Transitions lenses are lenses which turn dark when exposed to UV light from the sun make for a great universal pair of glasses which can also serve as sunglasses or as a supplement to a separate sunglass lens.  Our expert opticians can make recommendations on these and other products based on your visual needs.

Our highly trained opticians will help you understand the lens technology and help you choose

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