Why You Need to Be Careful When You Use Makeup Near Your Eyes

Tips for Safely Applying Makeup Near Your Eyes and Eyelashes

Many people enjoy applying eye shadow, eyeliner or mascara on and around their eyelids and eyelashes. These products make it easy to change the way that you look and enhance your appearance. It is important to use these products appropriately and to choose products that are safe for use around your eyes. If makeup near your eyes is painful, it is important to visit your eye doctor in Las Vegas for an evaluation.

Choosing Eye Makeup

When choosing eye makeup, look for products that are identified as hypoallergenic. If possible, select items that are certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. This organization of eye doctors only certifies makeup that does not contain ingredients that could be harmful to your eyes. Select products that have not been in direct sunlight or high humidity. When you can, choose products that have not been sitting on a store shelf for a long time.

Using Eye Makeup

If you use mascara, throw out the bottle after three months. This short shelf life is due to the potential for contamination with bacteria on the wand and in the product. Eyeshadow and eyeliner last for about 12 months. After that amount of time, throw out the product. If you ever develop an eye infection, throw away any eye makeup that you have been using. It could be contaminated with bacteria. Contaminated makeup may reinfect your eye.

Removing Eye Makeup

Waterproof mascara requires a special makeup remover. These products are available as liquids, creams and wipes. Be sure to remove all of your eye makeup before going to bed at night. Particles of it could get into your eyes while you sleep. The small particles could scratch your eyes. The makeup could also get into your tear ducts.