Why Crying May Be Good When It Comes to the Health of Your Eyes

Three Ways Tears Benefit Your Eye Health and Vision

There are many reasons why you cry or your eyes develop tears. You might be peeling an onion or chopping garlic. You could be laughing or feeling sad. The tears produced by your tear glands and ducts have many benefits for your eye health and vision. If you notice any problems such as a lack of tears in one or both of your eyes, it is important to make an appointment with an eye doctor in Las Vegas for an eye exam.

Less Irritation

Eyes without enough tears become dry and irritated. When your eyes are dry, they cause you to feel pain. You might rub at your dry eyes, which only worsens the situation. The irritation could even lead to temporarily blurred vision. If you have chronically dry eyes, this is a condition called dry eye syndrome. It is often related to the use of certain medications or other chronic medical conditions that you might have.

Reduced Inflammation

Dry eyes typically become inflamed at the same time. This inflammation makes it even more difficult for your eyes to produce tears. The inflammation can also damage the different cells of your eyes and nearby tissues. This positive feedback loop can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. When your eyes produce tears, they decrease the inflammation in your tear ducts, eye tissues and eyelids.

Natural Cleansing of Old Cells

Every day, some of the cells in your eyes, eyelids and tear ducts die. Those cells need to be washed away in order for your eyes to remain healthy. If the cells get stuck, they can build up in layers and cause an obstruction. That obstruction could make it difficult to produce tears in the future. Regular crying washes away those old cells and keeps your eyes healthy and clean.