When Protective Eyeglasses Can Help Your Overall Eye Health

Three Times When Protective Eyeglasses Are Essential to Eye Health

If you engage in work or leisure activities that involve metal or glass work, carpentry, chemistry, photo developing and more, your eyes may be at risk of harm from exposure to chemicals, debris or sparks. Fortunately, you can get prescription glasses in Las Vegas for the protection of your eyes. Prescription safety glasses or goggles should be worn during these three occasions and any other time that your eyes and vision could be at risk.

Household Tasks

You might be surprised to learn that many routine household tasks put your eyes at risk of an injury. Doing yard work could send debris into your eyes. Sweeping a dusty or dirty garage, attic or basement could also cause airborne debris to get into your eyes. Some other risky household activities that could harm your vision include cleaning with strong chemicals, cooking with hot oil or grease and making repairs to walls, trim or wooden surfaces.

Work and School

Your workplace or school classes might require you to have safety glasses or goggles. This is typically the case if you use chemicals or cutting equipment. If you need prescription glasses, you can get the goggles or glasses made in your prescription. This is convenient because it means that you do not have to try to fit the goggles or safety glasses over your regular glasses.

Leisure and Sports Activities

Many leisure and sports activities put you at a high risk for eye injuries. Racquetball is one of the riskiest sports for your vision. Snowmobiling, skiing or riding dirt bikes or ATVs also put your eyes at risk. If you ride a motorcycle, this activity could send debris into your eyes. Hobbies such as carving wood, doing carpentry, pruning plants or developing photographs from film could also harm your eyes.