What Is Trending in 2019 for Eye Glasses Frames, Styles and Colors

How to Pick a Trendy New Pair of Glasses

Most people need to have their eyes checked every year. When you wear your glasses every day, they become a key part of your appearance. Daily use also means scratches and wear and tear on the frame. The next time you visit the optometrist in Las Vegas, consider these trends in eyewear for 2019.

Eyeglasses Color Trends

Color trends change quickly, and the trending colors for 2019 include options that will work for everyone. If you have a cool skin tone, dusty pink is a trendy color to consider for this year. If your skin tone is warm, consider vibrant red. Leopard print is also popular this year, and it will work well on people with warm complexions. If you are not sure about whether your complexion has warm or cool tones, beige frames are also trending for this year.

2019 Lens Shape Trends

There are also trends in eyeglasses lens shapes to consider when selecting your new frames. Keep in mind that your face size and shape should play a bigger role than what is trendy at the moment. Vintage cat eye glasses are trending right now, and you will find them in leopard print, tortoiseshell and traditional black colors. Oversized rectangular lenses are also trendy. You might also want to consider lenses with a flat top. These are often seen in reading glasses.

Frame Material Trends for 2019

There are a few different frame material trends going on in 2019. Transparent frames are popular among the Millennial generation. These frames are made of plastic. Generation X is trending toward red plastic frames, which offer a vibrant pop of color. The Baby Boom generation has been choosing thin gold wire frames. Glasses with a half rim are also popular among the members of the Baby Boom generation.