Understanding Optometry Services in Las Vegas Educates Patients

3 Services a Las Vegas Optometrist Provides

Knowing when to visit an optometrist Las Vegas can be tricky if you are not someone who requires glasses or contact lenses to see. An optometrist provides services beyond prescribing eye glasses and contact lenses.

Here are three services an optometrist provides for your consideration.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

You probably visit your doctor at least once a year for your yearly exam. Your doctor covers all the bases with tests, a visual examination and oral assessment. If he notices that your eyes could be having problems, he will refer you to an optometrist. If he does not notice, however, and there could be something occurring, you might consider visiting a Las Vegas optometrist without a referral.

An optometrist performs annual comprehensive eye exams for patients. A variety of eye-focused tests are completed with charts and machines.

iWellness Exams in Las Vegas

Eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy show no visual symptoms. An iWellness Exam includes an OCT retinal scan and digital retinal imaging. These procedures are similar to an MRI but for your eyes. These tests capture microscopic information that helps an optometrist determine the true health of your sight. If anything is found, the hope is that it can be taken care of before it leads to some or total blindness.

Designer Eyewear in Las Vegas

Depending on where you live, you may or may not already have a collection of designer eyewear. If you are someone who requires the use of eyeglasses for reading, specific tasks or all the time, an optometrist can turn designer eyewear into a set of prescription glasses. If your eyes are healthy and do not require prescription eyewear and you stop by your optometrist’s office, you can purchase the latest designer eyewear to add to your collection.

A Las Vegas optometrist provides several services including comprehensive eye exams, iWellness Exams and prescription designer eyewear.