Tips to Change Your Child’s Perspective of the Eye Doctor

Making a Child’s Visit to the Eye Doctor Positive

For many children, the eye doctor, dentist or any medically-related appointment might be terrifying. As a parent, you have the opportunity to shift your child’s perspective. However, you’ll want to become intentional with your approach. Consider the following three tips to make your child’s experience a positive one.

Provide emotional support

If you’re visiting an optometrist in Las Vegas with your child, have a conversation before you all get ready to go to the appointment. If your child seems afraid, be a source of emotional support. Ask them how you can be there for them. During the appointment, offer to hold your child’s hand the entire time. When your child knows that they have your support, it has the potential to calm them down.

Create margin

It’s a good idea to be intentional about creating margin before and after the appointment. After the appointment, go out for dinner or dessert. After you both leave the doctor’s office, slow down and connect. Review how the appointment went. Check in with your child to see how they feel. Avoid the temptation to book another appointment or cram your schedule on a day where your child has any appointments. In many cases, your presence is everything they need in order to cope with any potential fear they’re feeling.

Include incentives

Once they make it through the appointment, reward them with something nice. Presents are such great incentives for young children. Consider presents like books, manicures or tickets to their favorite movie. When you are able to create positive memories, this is a powerful incentive. To take it a step further, be intentional about creating positive memories each time and this will make a difference in the way a child perceives the news that it’s time to go to another doctor’s appointment.