Makeup Tips for Healthy Eyes

Makeup Tips to Keep Your Eyes Both Safe and Beautiful

It’s sometimes said that “beauty is pain,” but there’s a limit to what you should do in the name of looking great. Eyeshadow, mascara and other cosmetics can enhance the look of your eyes and give you a put-together look, but it’s important to wear these products in safe, healthy ways. Follow these three eye makeup tips to keep your vision in great shape.

Replace Makeup Frequently

Eye products aren’t meant to last forever. In fact, wet eye products, such as mascara, liquid eyeliner and cream-based shadows should be kept around for only three months. After that, it’s time to replace old makeup. It can be a good idea to label fresh products with the date on which you opened them so that you’ll know when it’s time to pitch them. If you develop an infection in your eye, be sure to replace both your wet and dry products, even if they aren’t yet three months old.

Avoid Glittery Products

When you’re selecting makeup for sensitive eyes, be sure to steer clear of glittery or sparkly eyeshadow. These products can be especially irritating to people with dry eyes and or contact lenses. A small piece of glitter eye makeup may end up in your eye, where it can irritate the tissue or even lead to an infection. If you ever think that your eye makeup may have caused a scratch, make an appointment with an optometrist in Las Vegas to have the irritation looked at.

Protect Your Oil Glands

Your eyelids have oil glands that release a protective substance. It’s important that you don’t keep these glands from doing their job. The oil glands are near your lash lines. Therefore, all makeup should be applied outside of the lashes, rather than on the very edge of your lids. This guideline applies to both your upper and lower lashes on each eye.