Contact Lenses


The Optometrists at the Optic Gallery Fort Apache prescribe a large selection of contact lenses depending on a patient’s needs for daily vision, hobbies, and lifestyle.  These contact lenses include daily disposables  and monthly replacement contacts, astigmatism contact lenses, eye color changing contact lenses, and  multi-focal contacts ( designed for patients who need a reading prescription or bifocal) . Optic Gallery Fort Apache in Las Vegas carries the leading FDA approved contact lenses brands.

Daily Disposable Contacts
Daily Disposable contact lenses represent the ultimate in convenience – “wear them for a day and then throw them away.” Dailies are the ideal contact lens for busy people.  These lenses minimize complications from bacteria growth on the lens.  Patients who wear disposable contact lenses decrease any maintenance or cleaning associated with contacts and nearly eliminates the need for contact lens solutions.

We carry a variety of daily disposables including Alcon Dailies AquaComfort Plus, Alcon Dailies TOTAL1, Alcon Dailies Freshlook Dailies Colors, Cooper Clariti Dailies, Cooper Proclear Dailies, Bausch & Lomb BioTrue Dailies, and Bausch & Lomb Soflens.  Other daily disposables are also available.

Monthly Replacement Contacts
Monthly replacement contact lenses are similar to Dailies, however, these lenses are replaced on a monthly cycle.  Although, fewer contact lenses are purchased than a dailiOptic-Gallery-Fort-Apache-Contact-Lenses-400x311es, patients need to clean this contact lens on a nightly basis. There is also an overall cost for cleaning solutions associated with this contact lens.

Optic Gallery Fort Apache carries many different brands of monthly replacement contact lenses including Alcon AirOptix, Coopervision Biofinity, Coopervision Proclear, B&L Pure Vision 2, B&L BioTrue, and B&L Ultra.  Other monthly replacement contact lens brands are available.

Astigmatism Contacts
Contacts for astigmatism provide a clearer image for patients with astigmatism by incorporating the prescription into their contact lenses.  We carry a large variety of astigmatic contact lenses including the modality of daily astigmatic contacts and  monthly astigmatic contacts.

Optic Gallery Fort Apache carries a large variety of astigmatic contact lenses including Alcon Dailies Aquacomfort Toric, Alcon AirOptix Toric, Coopervision Biofinity, Coopervision Proclear Toric, B&L Purvision Toric, and B&L Soflens Toric.  Other astigmatism contact lens brands are available.

Colored Contacts
Color contact lenses are available in a variety of colors.  Dailies Colored Contacts from Alcon called Freshlook can be used as a primary lens or used for occasionally wear.

Multifocal Contacts
Multifocal contact lenses now come in both daily and monthly disposables.  These lenses allow a patient who needs a reading prescription (bifocal) to see both at distance and at near.

Optic Gallery Fort Apache carries a variety of multifocal contact lenses including Alcon AirOptix MF, Coopervision Biofinity MF, Coopervision Proclear MF, B&L Purevision MF, B&L Soflens MF, and B&L Ultra MF.  Other multifocal contact lens brands are available.

Not sure which contact lenses are best for you?  Let our doctors recommend the best product for your eye health and vision.  Call our office and schedule a consultation today.

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