What to Expect During Your First Eye Exam

Your First Eye Exam

If you have never had an eye exam, you may worry about the process. Eye exams are quick and painless. Most exams only take a few minutes to perform. You don’t even have to prepare for an exam either. When you need an exam, you can find a professional eye doctor in the Las Vegas area.

Tips to Prepare for Your Exam

You really do not have to prepare for your exam. However, you want to bring some information to the office. There are a few things that your doctor will want to know. This information can help the doctor create an accurate diagnosis for your eyes.

What You Need to Bring

You should fill out a family medical history form. Ocular problems can be an early warning sign for diseases like diabetes, glaucoma, and high blood pressure. These diseases can be passed down in your family, and your doctor should know your medical history. Your doctor will also want to know how often you look at computer screens during the day. If you are straining to read, it can cause added stress on your eyes. When you are able to give detailed information for your eyes, your doctor can find the right prescription for your glasses. You want to find the best lenses that will fit into your lifestyle.

When to Get an Eye Exam

If you are having issues with your eyes, you want to have an exam. You need to let the doctor know about any past problems as well. Blurry vision, loss of vision, eye strain, night vision problems, and physical alterations should all be documented with your eye care professional. When you are open and honest about your eye problems, it will help your eye doctor look for certain issues when examining your eyes.

Why Crying May Be Good When It Comes to the Health of Your Eyes

Three Ways Tears Benefit Your Eye Health and Vision

There are many reasons why you cry or your eyes develop tears. You might be peeling an onion or chopping garlic. You could be laughing or feeling sad. The tears produced by your tear glands and ducts have many benefits for your eye health and vision. If you notice any problems such as a lack of tears in one or both of your eyes, it is important to make an appointment with an eye doctor in Las Vegas for an eye exam.

Less Irritation

Eyes without enough tears become dry and irritated. When your eyes are dry, they cause you to feel pain. You might rub at your dry eyes, which only worsens the situation. The irritation could even lead to temporarily blurred vision. If you have chronically dry eyes, this is a condition called dry eye syndrome. It is often related to the use of certain medications or other chronic medical conditions that you might have.

Reduced Inflammation

Dry eyes typically become inflamed at the same time. This inflammation makes it even more difficult for your eyes to produce tears. The inflammation can also damage the different cells of your eyes and nearby tissues. This positive feedback loop can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. When your eyes produce tears, they decrease the inflammation in your tear ducts, eye tissues and eyelids.

Natural Cleansing of Old Cells

Every day, some of the cells in your eyes, eyelids and tear ducts die. Those cells need to be washed away in order for your eyes to remain healthy. If the cells get stuck, they can build up in layers and cause an obstruction. That obstruction could make it difficult to produce tears in the future. Regular crying washes away those old cells and keeps your eyes healthy and clean.

Why You Should Do Eye Exercises and How to Do Them for Good Eye Health

Eye Exercises for Everyone in Your Family

While exercising your eyes is unlikely to correct your myopia, it may help reduce eye strain and help your eyes feel better. Strained eyes often provide you with blurry vision, and exercising your eyes could reduce or even eliminate those types of problems. If you need tips on doing eye exercises or notice any changes in your vision, you can contact your Las Vegas family eye care center.

Eye Exercises for People With High Screen Time

Many people spend a considerable amount of time every day looking at a laptop screen, computer monitor, smartphone screen, tablet or television. This leads to eye strain in people of all ages. A good eye exercise to do is a focus change. Sit down and extend your arm. Hold up one finger. Look at it. Then look at a distant item. Bring your finger all the way to the tip of your nose. Look at it. Then look at a distant item. Move your finger out again. Do this three times. You can do this a few times every day.

People Who Read a Lot

If you read a lot, this is a good exercise for your eyes. Hold your thumb up about 10 inches away from your face. Focus on it for 15 seconds. Look at a distant item for 15 seconds. Focus on your thumb again. Repeat this twice.

Do a Figure Eight

Have a seat in a comfortable position. Look at an item about 10 feet away from you. Trace a figure eight around it with your eyes. Do this two or three times. You do each of these exercises once per day or rotate which days you do each exercise. The 20/20/20 vision rule is also important. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds.

Tips to Change Your Child’s Perspective of the Eye Doctor

Making a Child’s Visit to the Eye Doctor Positive

For many children, the eye doctor, dentist or any medically-related appointment might be terrifying. As a parent, you have the opportunity to shift your child’s perspective. However, you’ll want to become intentional with your approach. Consider the following three tips to make your child’s experience a positive one.

Provide emotional support

If you’re visiting an optometrist in Las Vegas with your child, have a conversation before you all get ready to go to the appointment. If your child seems afraid, be a source of emotional support. Ask them how you can be there for them. During the appointment, offer to hold your child’s hand the entire time. When your child knows that they have your support, it has the potential to calm them down.

Create margin

It’s a good idea to be intentional about creating margin before and after the appointment. After the appointment, go out for dinner or dessert. After you both leave the doctor’s office, slow down and connect. Review how the appointment went. Check in with your child to see how they feel. Avoid the temptation to book another appointment or cram your schedule on a day where your child has any appointments. In many cases, your presence is everything they need in order to cope with any potential fear they’re feeling.

Include incentives

Once they make it through the appointment, reward them with something nice. Presents are such great incentives for young children. Consider presents like books, manicures or tickets to their favorite movie. When you are able to create positive memories, this is a powerful incentive. To take it a step further, be intentional about creating positive memories each time and this will make a difference in the way a child perceives the news that it’s time to go to another doctor’s appointment.

Tips on How to Improve Your Eye Health

Three Ways to Make Eye Health a Priority

It’s often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. In order to make sure those windows stay clean, clear and bright, it’s important to develop a routine for care. If you haven’t made your eye health a priority in your life, understand that it doesn’t take too much of a shift. However, implementing these three rules will allow you to do your best to take care of your eyes.

Incorporate foods for eye health

There are lots of healthy foods you can include in your diet that will benefit your eyesight. These foods are helpful because they contain various vitamins like Vitamin A, Lutein and Zinc. These vitamins are known to promote eye health. This is why it’s a good idea to make sure you include healthy foods like sweet potatoes, spinach and strawberries into your daily diet. If you’re not used to eating healthy on a regular basis, make gradual steps.

Be mindful of screen time

So many people love social media, text messages and emails. As a result, they’re constantly staring at screens. This can do a lot of damage to your eyesight. In order to shift things, give your eyes a break. If your work requires a certain amount of screen time, try to break up the timeframe. For every 20 minutes of screen time, find something else to do that doesn’t require a screen. When you’re finished with work, limit your screen time by occupying your time with other tasks.

Visit the optometrist

Obtaining a pair of prescription glasses in Las Vegas can be achieved by making an appointment with an optometrist. This is important because you’ll always want to monitor the ways your eye health is improving or deteriorating. Plus, if you’re driving on the road, you’ll want to know that you’re providing the safest experience for yourself, your passengers and others on the road.

Three Reasons Why People Avoid Glasses

Three Poor Excuses for Avoiding Eyewear

Too often, people suffer from poor eyesight because they just don’t want to get the eyewear they need. In some cases, financial hardship is the issue. However, there are many people who avoid glasses because they have a negative view of the need for eyewear. If you’re in the position, you might have developed a few poor excuses regarding your avoidance of eyewear. Consider these three excuses and why you need to get rid of them.

“Glasses hurt my eyes”

Truthfully, painful glasses shouldn’t be a thing when you have the right prescription. When glasses hurt a person’s eyes, it’s typically because they tried on readers or a pair of glasses that belonged to someone else. Your eyes are unique and need a specialized prescription. This is why it’s also important to avoid wearing glasses that belong to other people. If you have on painful glasses, that means you need to head to the optometrist for a new prescription.

“Glasses don’t match my outfit”

There are so many fun ways to include glasses from Las Vegas into your overall look. In fact, many people wear glasses to make a fashion statement. You can purchase different types and colors to switch your look up on a daily basis. Take a look at different ways models, friends and celebrities wear chic eyewear. You can make chic eyewear a part of your persona. Set the tone and make your own fashion statement.

“I prefer to enjoy life without lenses on my face”

Some people feel as though they’re shielded from the way life really looks when they’re wearing glasses. This is one of the reasons why some people don’t even like to wear prescription sunglasses. It’s always important to consider the fact that glasses and prescription sunglasses serve as protective measures. Yes, they shield the eyes. However, they’re shielding the eyesight from getting progressively worse. The right prescription also enhances the view and allows you to see what life really looks like when you have perfect vision.

Three Helpful Tips for The New Owner of Contacts

Three Tips for a Beginner with Contacts

For some people, contact lenses are exciting because they allow a person to see without needing to wear glasses. For others, the idea of wearing lenses is a scary part of eye care. If you’re on the side where you struggle with the idea of putting them in and taking them out, know that you’re not alone. Furthermore, it’s best to remember that you can do it when you try the following tips.

Wash and dry your hands

When you’re first learning how to be put the lenses in, you’ll always want to be mindful of your sanitary habits. Not only do you want to avoid getting germs in your eye, but you want to preserve the life of your contact lenses in Las Vegas. When it’s time to wash your hands, do your best to stay away from scented soaps. This step needs to be a part of your sanitary habits because you don’t want any of the debris from these soaps to stick to your hands. Since you use your hands to put the lenses on, you don’t want the lenses to get lotions or soap debris on them.

Always close the drain

Once you’ve booked an appointment, consulted with the optometrist to get the prescription, and purchased your new lenses, the last thing you want to do is lose them. While mistakes happen, it’s wise to avoid them as much as possible. One of the best ways you can do that is through making sure you close the drain. When it’s time to put them on or take them off, always close the drain. If you ever drop the lenses, they’ll only land in the sink. They won’t fall down the drain.


It’s not uncommon for some people to struggle with lenses in the beginning. Many optometrists do a consultation in the beginning. It allows you to adjust and learn how to handle the contacts. However, it’s okay to use your regular glasses until you’ve mastered eye care and how to put the lenses in. Remember that a steady hand, practice and courage will be the determining factors. As long as you combine those three tips, you’ll be able to manage them without any effort.

Why You Need to Be Careful When You Use Makeup Near Your Eyes

Tips for Safely Applying Makeup Near Your Eyes and Eyelashes

Many people enjoy applying eye shadow, eyeliner or mascara on and around their eyelids and eyelashes. These products make it easy to change the way that you look and enhance your appearance. It is important to use these products appropriately and to choose products that are safe for use around your eyes. If makeup near your eyes is painful, it is important to visit your eye doctor in Las Vegas for an evaluation.

Choosing Eye Makeup

When choosing eye makeup, look for products that are identified as hypoallergenic. If possible, select items that are certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. This organization of eye doctors only certifies makeup that does not contain ingredients that could be harmful to your eyes. Select products that have not been in direct sunlight or high humidity. When you can, choose products that have not been sitting on a store shelf for a long time.

Using Eye Makeup

If you use mascara, throw out the bottle after three months. This short shelf life is due to the potential for contamination with bacteria on the wand and in the product. Eyeshadow and eyeliner last for about 12 months. After that amount of time, throw out the product. If you ever develop an eye infection, throw away any eye makeup that you have been using. It could be contaminated with bacteria. Contaminated makeup may reinfect your eye.

Removing Eye Makeup

Waterproof mascara requires a special makeup remover. These products are available as liquids, creams and wipes. Be sure to remove all of your eye makeup before going to bed at night. Particles of it could get into your eyes while you sleep. The small particles could scratch your eyes. The makeup could also get into your tear ducts.

What to Do If You Find out That You Have Trichiasis of the Eyelashes

How Trichiasis Can Affect Your Vision and Eye Health

Trichiasis is a condition in which the eyelashes are misdirected toward the eye. Instead of curving away from the glob of the eye, they curve toward it. Most people are diagnosed with the condition as children. If you or your child has trichiasis, it is important to visit a Las Vegas family eye care center for an eye exam.

Symptoms of Trichiasis in Adults and Children

When a baby has trichiasis, doctors, parents or guardians should closely look at the eye for signs of redness, inflammation, irritation, extra tears and swelling. Older children may describe symptoms such as pain or a feeling of something being in the eye. In adults, the symptoms of trichiasis include the sensation of a foreign body in the eye, pain, red eye and tearing. Trichiasis may lead to corneal abrasions and scarring of the eye.

Causes of Trichiasis

Some people have an extra fold around the eyelid. This may be a cause of trichiasis. Frequent rubbing of the eyes may also cause it. Eye rubbing is common when you have an allergic reaction or in children who are overly tired. The eyelashes may also change with age. There are a few developmental stages in children that may cause the eyelashes to unexpectedly change their orientation.

Treatments for Trichiasis

In most cases, the eyelashes will return to their correct orientation within six to eight weeks. This is how long it takes to grow new eyelashes. In the meantime, eye doctors might recommend that patients use artificial tears in order to reduce irritation to the eye. If the misdirected eyelashes have already caused a corneal abrasion, the eye doctor may prescribe antibiotic eye drops in order to resolve the infection. Surgery might be required for people with misdirected eyelashes that are caused by an extra fold.

Makeup Tips for Healthy Eyes

Makeup Tips to Keep Your Eyes Both Safe and Beautiful

It’s sometimes said that “beauty is pain,” but there’s a limit to what you should do in the name of looking great. Eyeshadow, mascara and other cosmetics can enhance the look of your eyes and give you a put-together look, but it’s important to wear these products in safe, healthy ways. Follow these three eye makeup tips to keep your vision in great shape.

Replace Makeup Frequently

Eye products aren’t meant to last forever. In fact, wet eye products, such as mascara, liquid eyeliner and cream-based shadows should be kept around for only three months. After that, it’s time to replace old makeup. It can be a good idea to label fresh products with the date on which you opened them so that you’ll know when it’s time to pitch them. If you develop an infection in your eye, be sure to replace both your wet and dry products, even if they aren’t yet three months old.

Avoid Glittery Products

When you’re selecting makeup for sensitive eyes, be sure to steer clear of glittery or sparkly eyeshadow. These products can be especially irritating to people with dry eyes and or contact lenses. A small piece of glitter eye makeup may end up in your eye, where it can irritate the tissue or even lead to an infection. If you ever think that your eye makeup may have caused a scratch, make an appointment with an optometrist in Las Vegas to have the irritation looked at.

Protect Your Oil Glands

Your eyelids have oil glands that release a protective substance. It’s important that you don’t keep these glands from doing their job. The oil glands are near your lash lines. Therefore, all makeup should be applied outside of the lashes, rather than on the very edge of your lids. This guideline applies to both your upper and lower lashes on each eye.