Why Glasses Screws Fall Out and What You Can Do If This Happens to You

What Glasses Screws Do and Why They Can Get Loose

Most eyeglasses frames have at least two screws. The screws maintain the connection and tension in the hinges between the earpieces and the frames. Some glasses have more screws, especially if you need thick lenses. If your glasses screws get loose or lost, be sure to consult an optometrist in Las Vegas

Locations of Glasses Screws

Most glasses frames have at least two screws. These tiny screws are typically located in the hinges. The hinges hold the earpiece and make the connection to the front of the frame. These hinges get a lot of use, especially if you fold your glasses for storage in a glasses case. Some glasses may have additional screws for holding nose pads or tightening the frame around the lenses.

Why Glasses Screws Get Loose

Frequent folding of the glasses for storage in a case may cause the screws in the hinges to loosen over time. You could take them to the optometrist every couple of months to have the screws tightened. Transitioning from a hot environment to a cold environment causes metal to expand. Going from a hot room to a cold one causes metal to rapidly contract. If you make a lot of these transitions, the screws could work themselves loose. Running and other physical activities can also loosen the frame’s screws.

What to Do About a Lost Glasses Screw

If the screw fell out of your glasses, wrap a piece of tape in the area where the screw fell out. This is only a temporary fix until you can get to the optometrist’s office. The optometrist has replacement screws and a screwdriver to fix your glasses. You may also wish to keep an eyeglasses repair kit in your bag, car, office and home.

Why the Lenses Fall Out of Your Glasses and What You Can Do About It

What to Do If Your Glasses Lenses Keep Falling Out

Eyeglasses are made to be worn all day long. The durable frames and lenses have to withstand a lot of vibrations, weather conditions and handling. If you find that the lens pops out of the frame on a regular basis, it is important to take action in order to prevent damage to the lens. If it happens more than once every couple of months, consider visiting a Las Vegas family eye care center so that both the frames and the lenses can be checked for defects.

Take Note of the Situation

Before you can take action to stop a lens from popping out of your glasses frames, you need to know why it is happening. Take note of what was going on at the time the lens fell out of the frame. Were you going from a cold environment to a warm one? Was it hot outside? Were you picking the glasses up from the countertop after showering?

Push the Lens Into Place

Try to push the lens back into place. To do this, hold the lens with a microfiber cloth or clean cotton gloves. Use firm pressure on both sides of the lens. Metal frames may have a screw near the opening for the lens. Loosen the screw before putting the lens back in place. Tighten the screw after inserting the lens.

Go to the Optometrist

Putting the lens back in a rimless or semi-rimless frame is tricky. This is best left to the optometrist. If you do not have a repair screwdriver for small glasses screws, leave the repair to the pros. They can also identify frame or lens problems.

Protecting Your Eyes When You’re on Vacation

Tips to Help Protect Your Eyes When You’re on Vacation

It’s always fun to travel, whether you’re with friends, family, or are on a solo adventure. But things don’t always go as you want them to go. When things happen, here’s what you can do to protect your precious eyes while you’re in the sunniest parts of the globe.

Your Favorite Sunglasses

While you’re in for a trip of sun and fun, you wouldn’t think of leaving without your sunglasses. Whether you’re visiting a tropical beach location or a rainy European city, your trusty pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes against the sun and its ultraviolet rays. Just ensure that the sunglasses that you take on your trip provide adequate UV protection.

An Extra Pair of Eyeglasses or Contacts

If you have always worn contacts, you will want to take along your cleaning solution. Wear glasses? Take along an extra pair, just in case. You never know what can happen. One of life’s messy moments can happen at any time. For this reason, you will want to have an extra pair of either eyeglasses, contact lenses, or even both. You’ll have a hard time enjoying the sites if you can’t see anything!

Artificial Tears

Traveling to different locations means getting used to drier climates. You might not even have to go far for drier air as the airplane you fly on can bother your eyes. By bringing eye drops with you, you can deal with the dry air as well as have the ability to flush out different irritants from your eyes. Going on vacation should always be fun. To prepare to make memories with loved ones, visit an eye doctor in Las Vegas so that you can have your extra contact lenses, eyeglasses, or prescription sunglasses ready for your trip.

Advantages of Obtaining Toric Contact Lenses

What You Should Know About Toric Contact Lenses

If you’ve had glasses before or are have just recently been told that you require some sort of vision correction, you might be thinking about obtaining contact lenses so as to avoid wearing glasses. Among the most common forms of contact lenses are toric lenses, which have a specific purpose. Depending on what the exact issues with your vision are, toric contact lenses may be what you need to improve your vision for good.

What Are Toric Contact Lenses?

Toric contact lenses are unique in that they have a geometric shape as opposed to a spherical shape. This small difference in shape leads to a substantial difference in how the lens works. The different shape of a toric contact lens changes the focusing power of the lens to accommodate individuals who suffer from astigmatism.

What Toric Contact Lenses Are Used For?

These lenses are specifically designed to be used as a means of correcting astigmatism problems that are caused when the lens and cornea areas of your eye have different curvatures to them. When you’re affected by astigmatism, the refraction of your eye will differ between the horizontal and vertical planes, which means that your vision will be somewhat blurry when you wear normal contact lenses. Toric lenses account for this difference, which helps to address the problem and should eliminate any blurred vision that’s occurring because of your case of astigmatism.

How to Choose the Right Toric Contact Lenses

While you’re shopping for toric contact lenses in Las Vegas, you’ll likely notice that there is an array of options to choose from. The fitting of the lens is particularly important since the lens will need to rest in a specific position. Some of the features that can help these lenses stay put include ballasting, lower truncation, and zones that vary in thickness. You can also obtain different types of toric contact lenses. For instance, some of these lenses are available as daily lenses or even colored lenses. Some are also designed to be softer than others.

Glasses to Look For When Diagnosed With Presbyopia

Types of Glasses That Can Help You Manage Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a common condition that causes you to gradually lose your ability to focus on items and objects that are close by. Most people won’t experience presbyopia until after the age of 40. It can continue to worsen until you obtain treatment for it. The best way to manage the symptoms of presbyopia is by wearing different types of eyeglasses to lessen the blurriness when looking at nearby objects. There are several types of glasses that you might want to consider when searching for the right pair of glasses in Las Vegas.

Progressive Glasses

Progressive glasses come in the form of progressive multifocals or office progressives. Multifocals come with three separate powers that are designed to allow you to see properly at close, medium and lengthy distances. There are no lines that separate these sections on the lens. As for office progressives, these have two separate corrections that are designed for close distance as well as medium distances at a computer. These are mainly used in the office setting and removed elsewhere.

Bifocals and Trifocals

Bifocals are equipped with a single line that stretches along the length of the lens. When you look through the top of the lens, you’ll be able to see objects clearly at great distances. When you look below the line, your vision will improve for close objects such as reading a book. Trifocals are very similar to bifocals but come with two lines that separate the glass lens into three sections for close, normal, and long distances. These lines are visible but can be faded to make them more aesthetically appealing.

Prescription Reading Glasses

You might also want to consider prescription reading glasses if you don’t suffer from any other vision problems. These glasses will improve your vision for objects that are close to you, which should help to reduce the number of problems caused by presbyopia. When you obtain prescription reading glasses, it’s important that you remove them when they’re not in use.

What You Need to Know About Getting Your First Pair of Eyeglasses

What to Expect With Your First Pair of Prescription Eyeglasses

Whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, getting prescription glasses in Las Vegas for the first time will involve some adjustments. Give yourself some time to get used to wearing glasses. At first, wearing glasses might seem a bit uncomfortable or strange. For most people, the adjustment period lasts about two weeks.

Vision Adjustments

When you get your first pair of glasses, your eyes must adjust to looking through lenses. The lenses cover most of your field of vision, but not all of it. If you look to the far sides or underneath your lenses, these areas will not be corrected. Instead of only moving your eyes to see these areas in your environment, try to move your head when looking at things to the side or toward the floor. Moving your head means that you can look through the lenses and see more clearly.

Headaches and Dizziness

Looking through corrective lenses may give you headaches or dizziness for a couple of days. This comes from the efforts of your eye muscles and optic nerve. Your brain has to adjust to interpreting what you see through the corrective lenses. Moving your head quickly with your new glasses could result in some dizziness. If you have dizziness, slow down or take a rest for a minute. Consider having someone else drive you until the dizziness abates.

Keeping Your Lenses Clean

The lenses of your eyes do not get smudges or dust particles. The lenses of your glasses do, and they cause frustration. Try to keep your lenses as clean as possible. The optometrist can show you how to clean your glasses safely so that the lenses do not get scratched. Keeping the lenses clean will help your eyes adjust better. Keep a few lens cleaning cloths in convenient places, such as your work desk, your dresser and your car.

What Is Trending in 2019 for Eye Glasses Frames, Styles and Colors

How to Pick a Trendy New Pair of Glasses

Most people need to have their eyes checked every year. When you wear your glasses every day, they become a key part of your appearance. Daily use also means scratches and wear and tear on the frame. The next time you visit the optometrist in Las Vegas, consider these trends in eyewear for 2019.

Eyeglasses Color Trends

Color trends change quickly, and the trending colors for 2019 include options that will work for everyone. If you have a cool skin tone, dusty pink is a trendy color to consider for this year. If your skin tone is warm, consider vibrant red. Leopard print is also popular this year, and it will work well on people with warm complexions. If you are not sure about whether your complexion has warm or cool tones, beige frames are also trending for this year.

2019 Lens Shape Trends

There are also trends in eyeglasses lens shapes to consider when selecting your new frames. Keep in mind that your face size and shape should play a bigger role than what is trendy at the moment. Vintage cat eye glasses are trending right now, and you will find them in leopard print, tortoiseshell and traditional black colors. Oversized rectangular lenses are also trendy. You might also want to consider lenses with a flat top. These are often seen in reading glasses.

Frame Material Trends for 2019

There are a few different frame material trends going on in 2019. Transparent frames are popular among the Millennial generation. These frames are made of plastic. Generation X is trending toward red plastic frames, which offer a vibrant pop of color. The Baby Boom generation has been choosing thin gold wire frames. Glasses with a half rim are also popular among the members of the Baby Boom generation.

3 Reasons Family Eye Care in Las Vegas is Important

3 Reasons Maintaining Your Family’s Eye Care Health Is Important

If you visit your doctor once a year for your yearly exam, you are on the right track. You also have to be mindful of the health of your eyes. While no one function of your body is technically more important than another, your vision is critical. Las Vegas family eye care is also important. Developing a relationship with a family optometrist means that potential eye issues can be dealt with before they negatively impact the eyes.

Here are three reasons why maintaining the health of your family’s eyes is vital.

Your Eye Health

Whether you are the head of household or you are your family’s caretaker, the health of your vision must be maintained. Keeping up with your family eye care appointments in Las Vegas becomes vital. If an optometrist discovers a potential malignancy forming within your eyes, he can take steps to prevent partial and even complete vision loss. When you are in charge of caring for your family, you have to be able to see.

Your Children’s Eye Health

Visiting a family eye care professional in Las Vegas gives an optometrist the opportunity to check out the health of your children’s eyes, too. Some children who do not excel in school, for example, turn out to have minor eye issues. By ensuring that their eyes are in good condition, you can save them some grief as well as potential problems in the future.

Your Family’s Eye Health History

When you develop a medical relationship with an optometrist, the optometrist builds a file with your family’s medical eye history. Understanding the health issues that run in your family means that there can be an attempt to thwart them before they cause eye problems or something worse. It helps promote preventative care so you can enjoy your family and life.

How to Protect Your Eyes When Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring Cleaning Safety Tips to Protect Your Eyes and Vision

Now that spring has arrived, many people are starting a big cleanup of their homes, sheds, garages or yards. Doing this type of deep cleaning could put your eye health at risk if you are not careful. If you need prescription safety goggles in order to protect your eyes while cleaning, be sure to visit the eye doctor in Las Vegas before starting any projects in or around your home.

Wear Safety Glasses

When cleaning, your activities might generate a lot of airborne particles. Activities such as dusting, shaking out rugs or cleaning up cobwebs could send particles into your eyes. Wear a pair of prescription safety goggles or glasses when doing any cleaning that could generate particles. If you are spraying any chemical cleaners, the glasses or goggles will prevent the chemicals from splashing into your eyes.

Check the Pollen Count

Your yard may also need some attention this spring. If you have any allergies, check the pollen count before going outside. High pollen counts could irritate your eyes. Consider postponing yard work until the pollen count drops. Pollen counts tend to be lower at night, so you could do your pruning later in the day.

Only Clean Where You Can See

Your home might have high shelves, cabinets and corners that are difficult for you to see. If you are cleaning in a crawl space or attic, these places also lack sufficient lighting. Be sure to only clean where you can see. If you cannot see where your hands are reaching, it is possible that you could stir up dust or debris that is harmful to your eyes. You could wear a headlamp or use portable lighting in order to enhance visibility while cleaning.

The Best Times to Wear Contact Lenses

When It’s Beneficial to Wear Contact Lenses

For those who have impaired vision, it’s important to correct the issue with the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses. Contact lenses are designed to be comfortable to wear and offer versatility with the activities that the individual can participate in without having to wear frames. Here are a few times when it’s beneficial to wear contact lenses instead of your eyeglasses.

Playing Sports

For those who have an active lifestyle may be affected by eyeglasses because the frames can make it difficult to exercise or participate in sports because they’re prone to falling off. Although straps or athletic eyeglasses are available, they can still get in the way and feel distracting or uncomfortable to wear. Contact lenses make it possible to maintain 20/20 vision and avoid worrying about breaking your frames or having them fall off while running, jumping, or cycling.

Spending Time Outdoors

Many people can have difficulty spending time in the sun with normal sunglasses that don’t contain a prescription. With contact lenses Las Vegas, you can continue to wear the sunglasses that you already own without suffering from poor vision at the beach, near the pool, or while spending time in the backyard. Contact lenses offer versatility and will allow you to see well whether you’re wearing sunglasses or take them off while outside.

Formal Events

When dressing up for a formal event or occasion that requires black tie attire, it can be easy for eyeglasses to class with the tuxedo or dress that you’ve selected. The glasses that you wear each day may not match the gown that you wear or the attire that you’ve selected, which can affect your overall appearance of style at the event. The color of glasses may also not work within the color scheme of your formal attire. Wearing contacts with certain types of attire can be a better option that allows you to see clearly without having to wear your frames.